Cherry G80-2000HAD

I was looking back at my older photos of this board and I thought they were pretty lacklustre, especially considering how special it is - it’s truly the King of Cherries in my opinion. So I took some more.

As sad as it may sound, this thing is probably my most prized possession. It was originally owned by kbdfr (one of my favourite people on DT) and was then passed on to Sixty. His photos of this exact keyboard were the ones which made me fall in love with Cherry all those years ago. If it weren’t for him and this keyboard I probably would’ve quit this hobby before I ever properly got into it. I’m ever so glad that didn’t happen and being able to own the exact keyboard that started it all (love you tinnie) is incredible.

I left it dusty on purpose. I don’t think this keyboard suits being perfectly clean :laughing:


That thing is huuuuge! The keycaps are amazing. Are they double shots or dye sub or a combination? Also, what switches are in there?

Ugh, I got so enveloped in the aesthetics that I forgot to give details!

The keycaps are all doubleshots. For the keys with LED windows, the LED window is the second shot and the legend is pad printed. This board is from 1988, and back then Cherry didn’t even apply a clear protective coat on top of their pad printing. I have a feeling that the S1-S12 keys could be fully pad printed, but it’s been a long time since I’ve popped those caps. I’ll double check that tomorrow.

The switches are MX blacks. In fact, they’re the smoothest MX blacks I’ve ever tried along with Nixdorf blacks.

Here’s an older picture for illustration :


Very cool, thanks for sharing!

Again, crazy keyset !