CHERRY MX Ultra Low Profile

This is going to have decent quality, it will be awesome. But knowing Cherry, I won’t hold my breath.

Is this the first surface-mount switch ever?


alienware laptop :sob:

the researchers analyzed the human auditory perception of the ideal CHERRY click and translated it into a physical measurement, the acoustic fingerprint.

I’m curious as to what they think their signature click sounds like in the first place. Blue switches?


they don’t, that sentence was made up by the marketing department and has no relation to reality


On a quick these look like the scissor switches apple uses in a lot of their laptops


They have a recording here:


is it just me or the MX Low Profile are still not available to enthusiasts and Cherry is releasing new switches?

and eh… “MX”… are these switches able to use MX keycaps? probably not, eh? :roll_eyes:


I actually don’t hope these switches can use MX keycaps, because these are surface mounted switches and the “MX-compatible keycap” specs are all over the place, I think you guys know what I mean :sweat:

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Oh god, that is about the worst click profile I’ve ever heard. You can almost hear the metal parts scraping against each other! :confounded:

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That might be the worst recording I’ve heard in a while. Did they put the mic right next to the keys and crank the gain up?


They sound quite rattily, but this could be because it’s a prototype or just the usual Cherry things. Hopefully they feel better than Apple’s awful butterfly switches.

neither the low profile nor these are meant for enthusiasts, these are meant for OEMs to put into laptops. You probably need to go directly to them and give them a forecast of how many hundred thousand you want each year for them to be interested.


So looking at the design, I don’t see any housing or mounting post - I’m thinking the keycap itself will act as the top housing.

I get why they used the MX branding, but it’s still dumb because it muddies the waters. “MX-compatible” will need to have at least an implied asterisk of “not the little metal ones tho”


The CHERRY MX Ultra Low Profile is the first mechanical SMD switch from CHERRY MX that can be soldered directly onto the PCB thanks to dedicated connection pads.


I’m going to go with no. Also if I think for about vintage boards, even more no lol. Certainly not the first surface-mount switch ever, but the first for “CHERRY MX”


In most laptops, there are no top housings for the switches, just the keycap on top so I think that’s their strategy here.

The MX Branding is dumb tho :stuck_out_tongue:


The comments on that twitter post are hilarious.

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I have not been interested in new Cherry switches since they released MX Silents.

I see no reason to be interested in Cherry switches again.


Unpopular opinion, but I would be interested to follow the development of such a switch. Many people in my circle (family, friends, coworkers) prefer flatter, low profile keys akin to those on laptops and some membrane keyboards (Logitech K380, Apple Magic keyboard etc). It would be nice to see how a mechanical switch can be used in such a context

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seems promising… :relieved:
about the (metal) ping noise: that does not bother me
I mean, it’s mechanical so isn’t it unavoidable to have some noise?

though… imagine the wait for sale for enthusiasts and compatible keycaps for these switches :cold_sweat: