Cherry OEM 2U Plate Mount Stabs

Can anyone point me in the direction of someone that has 6 of these stabs that I can order and get in the next several days? I don’t need any kind of kit…just six 2U stabs. Thanks.

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Looks like most places are low on stock, but there are some options. (have to buy set, single sold out) (have to buy set, single sold out) (snap in, screw in sold out)

It’s crazy…it’s like shopping for a unicorn. Can’t use PCB mount…hand wired no PCB board. Even the Novelkeys option is out of stock when drilling down to the plate stab. Originitiave is also out of stock on the plate mounts.

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Thanks @pixelpusher. Looks like I’ll be buying from Zeal…wouldn’t be the first time. They have a combo description of this product (PCB / Plate Mount)…even after adding to cart. Since both types are snap in stabs on Zeals page…do you know if snap in stabs are typically the same product (PCB vs Plate)?

he’s referring to the pcb mounted ones being snap-in. You can do snap-in or screw in for PCB mount. Plate mount all snap into the plate.

Is a snap in stabilizer identical in design and dimensions meaning it could be used as a snap in (PCB or Plate) stab?

You are hand wiring, you have to use plate mount. PCB mount work differently and have the option to either secure to the PCB by pushing in small clips through small holes the front of PCB or screwing them through those holes from the back.

A lot of hand wired builds use Costar stabilizers. They are sometimes easier to find. They mount to the plate as well.

Costar stabs, while they take a little more work to change keycaps on, work wonders for handwired builds. They add a definite bottom out and are a lot easier to repair if something goes iffy than Cherry plate mount stabs, as well as having less to tinker with in the first place - just add a little grease and you’re good to go!

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Something I hadn’t considered @Lesbian. @pixelpusher also mentioned Costar. Thanks to both of you because I was all set to order my plate for cutting. I feel like a kid trying to learn basic math.

If you were going to have a switch plate cut intending to use Costar stabs, would you create it for Costar only or would you do a Cherry/Costar combo? I’m using Plate & Case Builder.

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Costar only

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I ordered some Costar stabs from Sentraq back in October of last year, but it’s been crickets ever since. So definitely don’t buy them from Sentraq!

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Thanks for heads up @sg-the-bee!

Sentraq is known to be no longer fulfilling orders, take a search through /r/mk for more info, lots of reports. If you still can do a chargeback definitely do it.

For less than $10 it’s probably not worth the hassle at this point; I would like to find another place that sells them though!

@sg-the-bee you can find them at WASD, Costar (branded as Cherry) Stabilizers
I ordered them yesterday and they shipped yesterday. Note that you have to buy each of 3 separate parts, the insert, clip and spring.

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Thanks @pixelpusher.

Here’s the somewhat end result. Still want decent keycaps, and I’m not sure how I’m going to finish the case (complete sandwich or standoffs with bottom acrylic plate). Right now I’m working on the QMK configuration and making sure that a split board is for me as a daily keyboard.


@Lesbian or @pixelpusher do you have any strategies for stubborn Costar stabs? 2 of the 6 stabs work great…one lubed, one not. 4 of the stabs will not work consistently even with lube. They work properly a couple presses, get stuck and pop up, get stuck down and stay there and everything in between.

I’ve made sure the insert is always in the correct direction…the holes appear to be the same size as the 2 that work, the keycaps in play are the same thickness and the those that work, and the caps are all thin plastic. Definitely not thick caps.

Is it possible that the quality (no obvious physical issues) of the stabs could be part of the problem?

Thanks again.

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Two things:

One, it could be the keycaps. Are they warped any?

Two, try mixing and matching inserts - see if that changes anything.

Nice…mixing and matching helped. Got 5 of 6 working well now. Thanks again @Lesbian.