Cherry profile AliExpress “Canvas” Knock-Off

Retro Keycap Full Kits/Dye Sub

Uses Futura Bold Condensed instead of Univers and the dye-subbing looks pretty iffy and inconsistent (especially from a seller calling themselves the “DYE FETISH Store”), but looks like they started off with decently thick PBT …

Someone has them on Reddit. They don’t look anywhere as good as the original imo.

Check out the photos on this keycap set on Aliexpress. The seller has blurred keycaps in each photo.

Big china copying something badly… truly unheard of.

Realistically for the price its not terrible, thick pbt is always a winner

Think they would be more successful selling blanks …

Maybe but from the cheap pbt sets I’ve gotten keycaps seem to be banana shaped, maybe just been unlucky but warpage is usually pretty bad