Chocolate Creams

Cream re-colors, like the Olive ones from a while back. I love the idea of a switch that matches Chocolatier, but it’s hard for me to imagine buying regular Creams after using these Box ones… still - they sold so many after the Tfue board it makes total sense.

Here’s hoping there’s a Box version, too - that might be the perfect switch my old chocolate-themed board has been waiting for all this time… :chocolate_bar:

I’d definitely rather buy these from NovelKeys directly than have KBDFans ship them across the world to me, but their link is live first so that’s the one I’m pasting here - there are lots of photos there to check out, anyway:


U can put the silent brown in the cream housing. :wink:

And I kind of feel like they need to get some chocolate cases and caps out on the market for these to sell well, but ppl might be hoarding for the day to happen.


Ha, that’s the first thing I did. I actually really like it - it’s basically a Silent Box Brown that sounds and looks better.

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