Cleaning and lubing clicky Space Invaders?

I got myself a Soarers-converted NMB PC-122 off /r/mm, and I’m curious if the binding and scratchiness I’m battling on this board is because of any dust, or if it’s just the nature of these switches. How should I go about disassembling them and cleaning them, and how do the clicky ones fare with lube?

Yes, NMB switches allow dust in easily.

Disassembly is easy, reassembly well good luck. These were engineered for 100 million key presses and ease of switch cleaning was probably an afterthought.

I neither have experience with lubing nor have I heard anyone who tried it since switch reassembly can be a major pain in the ass. Honestly though, if the switches are dust free they shouldn’t need lube.

My question is just how I should clean these switches - canned air, vacuum, isopropyl alcohol?