Cleveland, OH Meetup

If you’re looking for a smaller, more-laid-back meetup, to recover from KeyCon 2019, or just hang out with the local nerds, this is it. The beer is very good, and brewed on-site. Last year we were sharing space with people having a dog birthday party, and that’s a memory that will last a lifetime.

Follow the link in the Reddit Post for the Discord Channel.

Note that the time of the event has been pushed back to 4:00 PM to prevent a scheduling conflict at the brewpub. All ages are welcome, this is a nice place.

I hope to see a few of you there.


A friendly reminder that this is coming up in short order.

Unfortunately, I’ll not be able to make it. I have to fly out bright and early the next day for an unforeseen business trip, but my son will be there with everything I was hoping to bring. I am, of course, terribly disappointed; the Cleveland meets are nice, laid back affairs with congenial attendees.

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Planning on being there!

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Bummer man… :frowning: I was looking forward to hanging with you guys again. Oh well Murphy’s law in action as usual. Also TBH though I’m not 100% sure I’ll make it now either. I got the two days I requested off, but my doctor decided to schedule my next appointment for the 20th… go figure… Thankfully it’s an 8am app. so I could still make it up to Cleveland in time if I leave straight after that. Is Ben gonna be there?

Yeah, he’ll be there. He’s been working on getting a new sculpt ready to show. I might make it too, but it’s a close call.

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Heads up again, this is going down TOMORROW!

I’m busting my butt in order to be there.

@Rob27shred I hope you can go. I will cry if you don’t. Big salty tears of sadness. I might get over it, someday, with counseling, but it will be pitiful.

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I’m gonna try my hardest t be there too bud! My car is hurting right now (needs tires & oil change bad) & I couldn’t move my doc app from tomorrow morning, but it is under a 3hr drive & I should be able to borrow my mom’s vehicle tomorrow so I’m about 80% sure I’ll be there. I’ll let you know for sure later, once I get home I’ll call my mom & see about swapping vehicles for tomorrow. I’ll be really bummed out if I miss this one too, Keycon last yr was my last meetup.

That’s a lot of stuff going on, man. Safety first. If you can’t make it, I’ll be posting pictures, as I’m sure will others.

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Yeah, it is pretty busy of an afternoon & morning if it goes as planned. Although it’ll be we’ll worth it if I can make it! I will be safe about it for sure though, not gonna endanger others cause I want to go to a meetup.

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Looks like I’m not gonna make it today unfortunately guys. :cry: I couldn’t borrow a vehicle & I now gotta work tomorrow early AF. Not happy about it, but at least the work is side work & I’m getting paid extra cause my buddy knows I’ll be missing the meetup to help him.

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Cleveland was a good time. I just wish we had more space to move around.

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Hey that’s me! :wink:

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LOL this was a purely random crowd shot, but you all are lovely, photogenic, and attractive in your own special way, as is Mr. DongBlaster who happened to be standing next to you, elegantly sipping from his goblet of fine hand-crafted beer.

I should have taken more photos of people. Next time, I probably will. I always get caught up in the moment and forget.