Cleveland Ohio Meetup

It’s tomorrow, Saturday, November 17, 2018.

I am just posting this in case you happen to be free and in the area (and somehow didn’t know about it). I think Ophidios said 70+ have signed up, but as usual, walk ins and rubber neckers are welcome. I have the feeling it’s going to be a blow out.

Beer and boards.


Oh man, this was a great meetup! If you went, you already know. If you didn’t, you missed out on a good time.


The doggy pics, I took for my wife who didn’t believe this was a dog-friendly venue. Seriously, people were strolling in with well-behaved pooches the entire time. There was, honest-to-God, a doggo birthday party going on concurrently with our nerd festival of beer.


No boards were destroyed or damaged, the beer was superb, the place was funky and friendly. Plus there was a really good catering service frying up grub.

Ohio is a hot bed. And, Ophidios’ “springless” switches which came out of nowhere, is messing with my head. I’m not even going to detail that one. Rumor and word-of-mouth will take care of it.

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Looked like a really great place to have a meet up!

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that drifter minivan… omg so good

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I think Ophidios is going to try to make The Terrestrial Brewing Company a recurring meetup space. It’s a clean, well-lit place with plenty of room. We did help pack it up pretty good. I’m sure they appreciated the additional traffic and beer sales. And we’re not exactly a rowdy group.

The only complaint I could possibly register is that there was a jukebox playing music the entire time, but the patio was easily accessible, and I actually took out two of my boards for A/B sound testing there. Ya gotta do what ya gotta do. And the nice couple I demoed the boards to were suitably impressed by the contrast between Box Navies in a CA66 and the same switches in an XD60.

My ideal venue for one of these things would be quieter, but with beer. Closer too. But you can’t beat free. It was a good choice. Good on Ophidios for finding this place.