Clicky recommendations?

What should I try next? Specifically cherry mount.

I’ve got jades, pinks, zealiostotles, and Phoenix switches. Noble yellows are on the way. Pinks and zealiostotles are my favorites of the bunch. Navies seem like they’d be too heavy, whites too light. I’ve got SMK 2nd gen but haven’t installed them yet. Are blue inks worth my time? Any clicky frankenswitches I need to try?

I did a build recently with some box pale blues, they split the middle between box navy/white in terms of weight, and with just a bit of 205g0 or gpl 105 on the springs they sound really crisp


That’s box navy weight with box white click bar right? May have to try that.

I think it’s generally advertised as a slightly heavier box white, so it’s rated as a 60g actuation, but only an 80g bottom out (as opposed to the box navy’s 90g bottom out)
You can check out the user made force curves by Haata here, they were made two years ago but I still reference these from time to time.


I put 55g (68/70g bottom out) Sprit Kailh BOX springs into BOX Whites and really love the feel. It gives you the quick return of Navies and Pale Blues without the finger workout of the Pale Blues (too much for me for a full day’s work). Sprit even has slow curve BOX springs now which may feel really cool with clickbar switches. Note that the rated weight is for actuation for some reason – the bottom out force is listed further down the page.


What did you think of the phoenix stems? I got some recently and haven’t had a chance to try them out yet. I was thinking of throwing them into housings and replacing the box jades on my CA66

They feel great to type on however, I prefer zealiostotles. Zealiostotles feel a bit more solid. The phoenix switches were pretty high pitched and a little annoying. However, I did mount them in a big WASD aluminum case so that could have something to do with it. Also, these were 62g springs while the zealiostottles are 67g so that could also have made a difference. I definitely prefer box pinks. Jades are kind of another step up in tactility. I would love to hear your take on it once you install them.

I grabbed a bag of Phoenix switches, but was kind of disappointed. The tactility was fantastic compared to MX Blues, but at the end of the day it’s still has a click jacket and that high pitched sound to go with it (which really didn’t come through in the vids/streams I watched) . The rattle is still there but is miniscule compared to Blues. The top housings fit extremely tight, so if I can’t sell them, I may drop some UHMWPE stems in them for the reduced wobble. I’ll stick with my BOX clickies for now (Zeal hurry up with that 3-n-1 switch).


Right. I agree completely. There is a tiny rattle. This was not present with the zealiostotles. And yeah, it was high pitched AF. What case did you put it in? I wonder if they would sound better in something like a cream housing? Help lower the pitch? I wonder how thekeydotco will handle it later this year. What are they calling it? Pomegranate or something?

Hmm, maybe I can experiment with that this weekend.

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I bet plastic case vs metal would sound better too.

I put a handful into my U80-A which is sound dampened to hell and back – not sure if that helped or exacerbated the issue. The hysteresis in the reset still bothers me as well, just as in Blues, so I don’t know how much more experimentation I wan’t to throw at it. I would love to see/hear some reviews when the keydotco switches hit – Blackberry I think they are calling them.

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Yeah unfortunately I don’t have one readily available for testing. Gotta build up my tester board collection :joy:

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