Clueboard Low Profile with Custom Colors

Saw this today. Interesting to me is the custom color option to go along with USB-C and hot swap.


Hmm yeah I really like the look of this board. Hotswap, QWIIC port, speakers. Interesting stuff. I like that it’s a mix of high quality parts (PCB and thicc alu), but an inexpensive design and assembly.

After realising the 66 key layout is my fave, I’ve been looking around for another board using it, this ticks a few boxes so I’m definitely considering it atm. Most tempted by the beige currently, I would like to get a nice blue colour board at some point, but a darker shade than that.

Trying to find a new board that I can leave at work, so I don’t have to lug in my beloved FC660C each day. Veering between compact 66/75 or more full fat 96/98 key, not sure what to do yet, and many of the options have a big wait time… Needs to be quiet too, so those new Zilents sound like a promising option to me.

Not sure about the feet on the 66% LP actually, and how you would give the board some angle… It mentions 4x rubber screw-ins but I don’t know what they would look like. I don’t mind cone feet, so that would be a fine option for me.

I’m generally in on just about anything Clueboard puts out there. Manilla Beige would look good with Canvas.

It’s neat, but i still don’t care for powdercoat. One hard bang on a corner and it’s ruined. Also not a fan of glossy finishes, but the matte black one is cool

While there is a lot about the LP that doesn’t interest me, good on Clueboard for keeping up with modern trends like hotswap and low profile. As soon as my wallet recovers from a Tada68 build and an upcoming Kayak build, Clueboard v3/v4 is on my list.

It looks great. I like the hi-pro boards more, though.

While I also prefer hipro boards quite a bit more, this board seems decent. I think a mid section is a well needed addition.


@Manofinterests And we probably will get it!

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Love the thicc plate, but it also looks like a sammich. Looks like the PCB is more exposed than usual. What if you accidentally spill a drink on it?

Anyone know the weight?

Why does it have switchtop cutouts if it’s hotswap :thinking: