CNC keyboard custom 3D design

Hello everyone
Do you need to custom the keyboard case ?
We can do many surface treatment like PVD , Anodizing, Sandblasting ,Frosted PC/Acrylic E-white etc. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
If you need to custom ,
Please contact me at

Do you have any examples of work you have done in the past that you are allowed to share for a reference?


You can talk to me on mail:
We can provide many surface treatment service for the keyboards .

Is email the only way to contact?

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Mail me can send the files to check

Do you have any examples of your work, keyboard or non keyboard related?

Do you have any samples or examples of your finishes? I’m sure a lot of people are curious to see how your e-white and PVD finishes look :slight_smile:


Sure ,we are 15 years CNC , 3 years keyboard experienced production factory .
1 pc is welcomed. contact my ,
i will show you more keyboard example we did.
Who want to get a good price ?Start the group buy then contact me. :hugs:

Can we see keyboard examples here ? Thanks

Sorry i can not post image here as i am a new user :innocent:
Please send me the info by mail or Whats app:+86 13044252647

If you would email me the images, I can put them here for you.

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Here are the services we can provide , 1 pc is also welcomed! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Can you see the pic i show you ?34c0fe66284ac5cf835e4895760bcbf 键盘

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Oh yes, these look nice :slight_smile:

Would you try to custom 1 pc on our Alibaba store?