Well, I guess it was bound to happen eventually - I coffee’d one of my keebs in a moment of distraction. I managed to un-power it before any shorts claimed the PCB, but unfortunately the switches are nice and gummy. My question is this -

After I’ve de-soldered the switches, is there a reliable method for cleaning the internals that won’t cause any further damage - or are the sticky switches a write-off?

Thanks in advance for the advice, good folks.

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Ultrasonic cleaners are the go-to method, but if you’re not up to that, you can just attack it with isopropyl alcohol.


Awesome - I just so happen to have both. Thanks for the tip!

I saw someone who used IPA and a Sous Vide cooker to clean alps, I would really like to try that.

Too high of strength IPA can cloud clear housings, so be careful with that. Start with dish soap and water in an ultrasonic cleaner. You can also soak housings overnight in water to help break up really thick crud

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Got it. Eventually I need to invest in a true ultrasonic cleaner.

I… Okay. I mean, I guess.

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Pouring Lagunitas into a sous vide cooker would be like the ultimate tech bro thing to do


(I know we’re talking about rubbing alcohol here)

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celebrate your new venture capital funding wave by sous vide’ing your favorite electronics in your local craft beer that kinda sucks



At least it did


Would coffee residue affect soldering? I can’t imagine it would. Also, keep us updated– I’m curious to see if you can salvage the PCB

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pcb just wash with soap and water / IPA. Might get sticky if there is some ‘no clean’ flux residue

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Late reply - the PCB was totally salvageable, but I haven’t approached the switches yet. I soldered-in some silent Inks and it’s been working great - despite making some n00b soldering mistakes. Fun learning experience!

D’oh! - I had ripped out a trace being too impatient with switch removal, but thankfully this rigged fix is functional.

The build as it is now. I had Nines on it before and still prefer the look of it - but for a daily board, sound and feel win out for me - so MDA Big Bone it is.

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