Color suggestions for Signature Plastics SA-P keycaps

So, PMK is doing custom color dyesublimated SA-P sets, similar to what they have done in the past with their DSA caps.

The colors are limited at the moment, but there are a few decent options. They asked for feedback on their site about additional colors people might have interest in.

I emailed them:

I would like to suggest some additional colors to be added to the SA-P sublimated caps. A warmer white such as WCV would be nice. Also, a lighter and warmer gray such as GSH or GSG. These appear to be beige to me, which is very popular at the moment, especially for people who want PBT. GKK, please! Why no GKK? It’s your best color gray. I’d be happy with any of these basic colors :slight_smile:

Which Melissa responded the same day back with:

Thanks for the email! Unfortunately WCV, GSH and GSG are all obsolete colors (we are in the process right now of updating our pictures). We are looking at adding GKK to the listing.

I’m guessing their stock colors for DSA will all make the cut eventually. It would be nice to get GQN if we can’t have a proper beige. It’s at least in the ballpark. Also, looks like they are going to be updating their color chips soon. I say that, but “soon” for SP doesn’t ususally mean the same “soon” that we’ve come to expect today :slight_smile:

Anyway, feel free to drop them a line if you have more suggestions:


My problem is I like dark keys and bright legends. :sweat_smile:

Gray and red with black legends is always nice…

I would love to see a black on gray set, similar to Topre Hi-Pro

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Actually scratch that–darker than Topre Hi-Pro. More like a true black on black SA.

They do have a fairly dark gray available, GQT

Yeah, I certainly understand. But a nice thick cap with a crisp dye sub can be nice too :slight_smile:

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Can they do Red or Navy legends? Or is it black legends only?

Black only for these caps. I know they can do other colors bc they have a blue on white for their special edition snow caps, but it isn’t offered here.

GSF looks nice too. At some point I might go in for a set. SP’s new SA PBT molds are very nice.