Columbus, Ohio Meetup

It’s tomorrow, February 23, 2019. If you are in the area, come check it out.

I know this is late notice, but I forgot to check this forum to see if it was posted. I just figured it would be.

It wasn’t.



I wanted to come to this one, but I’m stuck working today unfortunately. :dizzy_face: Me & a buddy are doing a tile job that is three different floors. We couldn’t grout the last floor last night like we planned, because the mastic wasn’t dry enough on it. Had to give it overnight to dry. :confounded:

Sadly, I can’t make it either, but it’s good to know I have some fellow Ohioans on this forum. :grin:

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Dude, I’m totally bummed you couldn’t come. Was looking forward to seeing you again.

I hope JP makes it!

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Folks are still streaming in. This is a great turnout.

My favorite board of the show belonged to Hineybush.

Check out his relegendables.


What relegendables? All I see are clacks.

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I know I was looking forward to coming up to your guy’s turf. I was trying to get my buddy to push the job off for a day, but the customer’s were on vacation & get home tonight. So we had to finish it today. :disappointed: I actually just got in about 20 min ago from that. How was the meetup though? I hope it was good time!

It was awesome. Met a bunch of folks new to the hobby, just checking it out (my favorite people). Saw old friends that I was glad to meet again. And, totally bummed that Fizzgig / JP didn’t make it. I hope he’s ok. He was signed up. And I was hoping he’d bring his OG Space Cadet board.

Honestly, I made this trek because of you two. I hope you have plenty of guilt. GUILT A PLENTY. SHAME etc. Go do 500 hail mary’s or whatever. I still had a ripping fine time. Just saying. Penance. I get work obligations. I have them too.

I’m kind of drinking right now. Love you bro. You’re the man. Plus two for JP.

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There were people with real cameras. This was all the rest that I got with my iPhone. Every time I was trying to get busy, cool and interesting people got to distracting me. Not that I cared. There will be a nice photo album to gawk at sooner or later, I’m sure. Look, folks, if you live in the Ohio area, you should check us out. We Cool. Also I got a hug from Mito who showed up from Brazil. Faces and names.

This shit is worth traveling for.


Link to photo album.

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Link to the next Columbus Meet. This time it’s gonna cost 5 bucks for a ticket, but on the other hand, there will be beer.

Saturday, March 14, 2020.