Columnar PCB for handwiring?

Hi all,
I really like the idea of the amoeba single switch PCB for to simplify the handwiring of boards:

I’m considering to handwire a board, most likely a Pteron or a variation of it. Since the board will be flat and the columns are staggered instead of a single pcb, I would rather like to have one PCB where the columns are already connected. Ideally it would be still possible to break of single switch pcbs.

Looking at

It looks to me that should be possible.

Has anyone done something like this already?

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Just found this
which goes into this direction.

What’s the benefit of the single switch pcb when doing a handwired board? Don’t you have to run just as many wires anyway? Between each pcb I mean.

The 1ux10u PCB seems pretty cool though.

Placement of diodes and leds is easier. Soldering on the pcb is easier.
Since I do not plan to use leds per switch, I agree that larger strips would be more helpful since you would save to solder the column connections.

I see now, this image from the Amoeba thread made it much clearer

This also makes in-switch leds actually possible for (pseudo-)handwired boards.

Having handwired a board before, even if it is with a plate that’s good. I have to say that the amoeba is a great little tool for doing it yourself. It definitely makes it a lot easier and troubleshooting is a lot easier as well. it takes the guesswork out of diodes and wiring while not having a ton of wires snaking around and potentially getting disconnected easily.

1 Like carries this and the postage board which would give you your controller and make everything very simple.

Yes I know keebio offers the amoeba
, but currently it is sold Also as the columns are as far as I know not connected.