Confirm switches for planck 40%

Hello: I am a confirmed 40% user, having a vortex core and a qisan “45%”. Now I am looking at assembling a OLKB Planck. See Drop + OLKB Planck Mechanical Keyboard Kit V6 | Ortholinear. It is sold with optional keycaps but no switches. I also see from{“sku_id”%3A"12000021255030427"} these switches. Can anyone verify that they would be correct for the planck? This DIY keeb noobie thanks you.

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Yes they will work. Will they be any good? Probably not. Lots of wobble and ping on cheap switches.

I recommend KTT Rose or Kang White switches for budget options. Or Akko switches.


Thanks for the reply rpiguy9907. Can you share any links to the switches that you recommend? Cheers…
Edited: I see reds here -

Amazon carries Akko.

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Thanks again rpiguy. I looked at both amazon and dangkeeps. What would be the equivalent of mx reds?

Probably Rose Red:

From the specs the akko rose reds seem just a little lighter than cherry reds. I sure appreciate the help. I think I am good to go now.

No problem. The amount of switch choices that have sprung compared to even 5 years ago is insane! Good luck with the Planck.