Confusion with Zoom75

Hi All! I recently pre-ordered a Zoom75 from Keebsforall, but I’m a bit confused. It seems it will be a barebones, without keycaps or switches. I’m also unable to choose the backplate or weight.

I’d like to pre-order from Meletrix directly, but I’m not seeing anywhere on their site to do so. In order to get all the options available, should I just wait until Meletrix emails me that pre-order/ordering is available??

Sorry if the above is confusing/odd. Happy to clarify and thanks in advance!


I personally have never ordered anything from KFA, but do know quite a few people who had bad experiences with them. I would personally order through Cannonkeys, Zoom75 Keyboard – CannonKeys, or wait for Meletrix to get back to you.


I’d echo Rob’s advice when it comes to ordering the Zoom75, Cannonkeys has a rock-solid track record and tends to respond quickly to any support questions.

I’d have to call my experience with KFA neutral, if below-par. I’ve gotten everything I ordered sooner or later - but communication was lacking, and communication is something I place a lot of value on. On the other hand, having a more local outlet for KBDfans goodies has really come in-handy a couple of times.


Thanks for this! Gonna’ go ahead and cancel the KFA order, and go ahead with Cannonkeys.

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I purchased a zoom75 through CannonKeys for a family member. I would never get another meletrix board. But Cannonkeys was totally standup and reliable through the multiple faulty parts that had to be replaced. If you use ANSI, one of the stabilizer mounts on the enter key is so close to the LED that you best get a clip-in stabilizer for it.

To be fair, the board is loved by the one who uses it, but not by the one who built it.


I would never get another meletrix board

Mind telling me why? Bad experience with one?
I’m thinking or getting a Zoom board myself…

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I bought a zoom75 with the knob and key option. The PCB came with crossed wires and had to be replaced. The supplier, CannonKeys, replaced it after clear documentation on my part. The small PCB for the knob and key never worked for the key, even after being replaced. The build guide does not include steps to test the small PCB. So I discovered this only at the very end of the build and after the main PCB had been replaced. So replacement parts came in stages. The knob screw came stripped. It would not tighten the knob and it also needed to be replaced. This is apparently a known problem. The screw is tiny and frankly when I want to work on the board, I’m afraid that it will eventually break. Finally the PCB is designed to accommodate both ISO and ANSI. The downside is that the stabilizer screw on the enter key for the ANSI setup is so close to an LED that you can’t get it in with the supplied stabs. Even stabs with smaller screw heads won’t fit properly. My solution, which did work, was clip-in TX AP stabs. Again this is a known problem, but customers are not informed. I don’t know if the ISO setup has similar problems. CannonKeys replaced all of the defective parts. So if you do get a meletrix keyboard, not my recommendation, but if you do, make sure you get it through a reliable supplier like CannonKeys.