Contra with Adafruit solenoid and lubed 80g Aliaz

I finally got around to a video of the latest solenoid I’m using in my Contra. I used 2 different ones before this, both were quieter than this one. I think this one is a keeper.


That’s crazy !
Can you feel the click from the solenoid when typing?

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I absolutely love solenoids. Where did you mount it? Can you post more photos of your set up?

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Two thinks:

  • would you mind making a writeup for the truly dumb people (like myself) to be able to add this to their board?
  • Add this as a feature to QMK? :smiley:

@Walkerstop I adore this - I need you to pull together that guide, and I might do this with my CA66 on stream… :smiley:

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How much thickness of free space is there in the ca66? Do you already know it will fit?

…co-workers who will suddenly find reasons the boss should fire you if you turn the solenoid on

Check out the text for the AUDIO_CLICKY_FREQ_MAX setting. :smiley:

I mean, it’s not really for use at work unless you have a private office lol…

this seems mythical, I mean I’m familiar with the two words separately, but together… :woman_shrugging: