Convert Outemu blues to linear,

I know, dumb question. But I’m unfamiliar with these weird switches with the extra crap around the stem. I hate clicky switches and I want to convert them to reds or any type of linear. I have all sorts of extra switches: Gateron clears, reds, silent blacks, some Kailhs and Cherrys and even Jixians. Could anyone guide me into what I need to do? (This will also be my first attempt at lubing my switches, as I’ve always thought it superfluous, so I’ll be killing two birds with one stone.)

And also, I’ll be keeping the bottom housing, as I have this bizzare experiment board that requires it. I assume it’s just the stems that need to be switched?

And thanks again, I really enjoy the help I get from this site, as opposed to smarminess and snarkiness on, say, Stack Exchange.

Yup! Just swap the stems!

Please report on results, especially how the linearized switches compare to mx reds/blacks in terms of smoothness and wobbliness.