Cooler Master & Aimpad are making an analog 24-key "ControlPad"

It’s kind of a not-numpad numpad. But all analog. With custom keycap sets.


Just give us back the Novatouch, Cooler Master!!! That being said I’d like to try this out for the novelty if nothing else.

The analog part is what I find compelling. I’m hoping CM takes Aimpad’s tech the last mile to perfection.

Noob question, but how is this different than the Flaretech switches (e.g. what can be found on the Wooting boards)?

Not a noob question, it’s a good one! Like the article says, they use fundamentally the same technology–a PCB surface-mounted sensor that detects the depth of the switch stem as it’s depressed. Their respective implementations are just a little different.

Aimpad’s IP is all in the sensing method and PCB design. It’s very switch-agnostic. Lance Madsen (he is Aimpad and Aimpad is he) designed it that way. The Aimpad R5 prototype actually just has Cherry MX Red switches.

Wooting’s implementation requires a certain type of optical switch, and it’s tuned to work with Flaretech switches. I got into how that works exactly in this article when I was on Tom’s Hardware (sorry for the horrid ad experience, not my fault! :stuck_out_tongue: ):,34785.html

But again, they basically work the same way. You can even actuate and control Wooting’s implementation with your finger if you pop off a switch on the One.

More reading if you’re up for it:

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The Kickstarter for this is now live, BTW:

I also updated the original story with the new info.

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I want this to have a D-Pad thumb cluster. But I like the look of the build.

While I’m still skeptical about analog switches taking off, I like the two rollers on top

If WASD relays xinput signals like advertised, it’s a game changer (pun intended). So many more genres of games could be expertly controlled without the need of a gamepad and giving up the precision and anolog nature of the mouse. I hope the tech becomes widely adopted so we see more premium/custom offerings.

TOO LATE, I already used that pun in a headline. :stuck_out_tongue:

But yes, it’s really cool. I have the R5 protoype (Lance never asked for it back, nobody tell him I have it), and even that is impressive. I’m really looking forward to how CM can implement it.

Totally just realized that scrolling back up! I must have clicked on the page earlier when it was posted, but didn’t read it through, then came back later to a new comment halfway down the page, lol. This also may be due to my lack of reading comprehension, but was there a delivery ETA on the Kickstarter page?

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