Cooler Master Masterkeys S, different case?

Hey all,

Made an account because I really needed some help, what cases fit the Cooler Master Masterkeys S PBT (Non-RGB) PCB? If there are any, are any under a 150 or so? Any help would be appreciated.


@norbauer created aftermarket cases for the Masterkeys S keyboards (same interior design shared by the Rapid-i and Novatouch). This case is commonly referred to as the “Norbatouch.”

Original, non PBT version here:

HOWEVER, you have the PBT version, which has 3 leds above the arrow cluster. He did create a version for that case, but I don’t remember what round it was.

You can find it here, currently:

That’s no good for you though, because you can’t just buy the case.

Perhaps you could look to see if anyone has a PBT compatible Norbatouch housing they are willing to sell

Appreciate the help, I have run across this Norbatouch case before although its currently out of stock. I might be able to find one 2nd hand.
As for the LEDs, I dont care for them to much so I could desolder them if it would open my opitions up to other cases.
And dang with all the parts/caps/stabs/lube I ordered I shouldve just bought tht already built one. That being said I’m just getting into the hobby and would need the equipment later.

Have a great night/day!

Hey, you could always just buy the one off of originative and sell yours :slight_smile:

:point_left: True. I would like different switches other than cherries though for $285. Cherry browns arnt too bad though.