Country Threads/Categories?

It is something I always wanted on reddit but I never stumbled on place where people could build little country-based communities. I know most of the community is from the US but apart from meetups posts I never saw anything filling that gap?

Do you think it is relevant and if so, what would be the best way to implement it on keebtalk?

There are small communities everywhere. For instance, Vietnam’s MK community is mostly on a big Facebook group, the Japanese one is fragmented on Twitter, Korea has their cafés and blogs, China has QQ Talk groups and Zfrontier, in Spain there are one or two places with a mechanical keyboard thread (but not a forum), ad Bektur mentioned me that Russian speakers have also their own forums.

I don’t think it’s good to create country threads, as they would be written in German, French, Spanish, Malay… and that would exclude an integral part of KT that doesn’t speak that language. It would also be a huge challenge to moderate all those threads for any mod.

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Your argument makes total sense, I didn’t consider it from a moderating point of view and enforcing english would probably kill those threads in the egg.

Oh well, here goes my dream of a swiss keyboard meeting place :confused:

there are a few cool country mk communities on botth reddit and discord.

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a lot of the more localized communities have slack/discord servers. Me and a few other midwesterners combined our discord servers to create a US midwest server. If there isn’t such a community already, I would suggest creating a discord server (it’s free) and posting it in all the usual places.

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