Cream Switches noise issue?

So, has anyone else noticed this?

Press all the way down on cream switches, then rock your finger from side to side. Crunch crunch? Now try it on a larger key like 1.75u shift or capslock. Even harder crunch crunch? I barely notice it on the alphas when I’m typing, but I often notice it when I hold down a modifier. I can’t tell if it’s the spring crunching or the slider hitting the edges.

Also, these switches are a pain in the ass to use with the metal nutcracker.

1st world problems, i guess.

UPDATE with video (found out it’s hard to pull switches with 1 hand). The main issue seems to be the loose top housings on Cream switches. This can be fixed with switch films/stickers, but they are very hard to fit.

I should also note that lubricating the latches on the top housing seems to also quiet the grinding sound. That might be the best way to go since the films are hard to ft.

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Are they completely stock or have you lubed the springs?

Good thinking. Did some experimenting. Changing the spring doesn’t do anything. Lubing the spring doesn’t do anything. Lubing the STEM works. So, apparently the design is a bit off and it allows the stem to rattle when depressed. I’m guessing the POM housing accentuates the noise. Also doesn’t help that stock cream switches have slightly loose top housings. Let me put some films on them and see what that does

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Oh man. It’s the top housings! Switch films are very hard to use…just barely closes with one in, but it fixes the noise. The sound is largely coming from the top housings rubbing on the bottom housing in stock configuration (without switch films). I also suspect that the extra movement allows the slider to bang inside the housing as well (which is why a lubed switch seems to sound good too.)

I guess it shouldn’t be surprising that Kailh’s attempt at cherry style housing has issues, but this is a bit of a bummer.


Updated OP with video.

IMO they need films anyway because of how loose the top housings are. I didn’t have that much trouble fitting them together, you just have to double-check that all the legs are clipped in. And it’s just a chunk of plastic, you can lean into it a little :wink:

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