Create a large-font theme for mobile


Happy to hear about your Rails background. Is it difficult to have an option to change the font size in mobile? In one forum which Jeff Atwood frequented, there was debate on this but he somehow stood his ground and refuse to change, claiming (if I recall correctly) its a simple CSS change. Many of us used Tapatalk for GH and DT and one good thing about Tapatalk is Large don’t in mobile. I hope KT can consider such an option in future.

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I seem to remember this conversation coming up at the FleetWorkshop before. I think ultimately what we discovered was that people were able to change their global phone accessibility settings to get this to work, which seems like the correct way to handle it (those who need it probably need it across their phone’s UI), since changing it at the CSS level would mean imposing the large font on those who don’t want or need it. Only ugly hack, of course, is just to pinch-zoom on iOS, but of course that means you lose text wrapping to the viewport size.


I don’t think changing the font in iOS system Settings will affect the font size in Discourse. One suggestion is to do it at Theme level, by having a separate Theme just for mobile for example Dark Theme (Large Font). Then it become a choice to be set in User Preference.


Just to confirm;

I’ve just tried this (Iphone X, IOS 12 beta 2, safari) and changing the font size in the accessibility setting does not change the size on the keebtalk website.

It would appear zooming on iphones is the only answer; unless font size selection can be implemented.


OK, I’ve split this task up into a new thread so we can track it.