CRP is back!

A new CRP GB has emerged on Drop:

This means R4 is underway. GBs should start to appear to other localities, as well.

Interesting that the Desko Color is back, but as a kit.

There’s a full-size Desko Black option.

I will use this thread to post information about related buys, and I hope you do as well.

One question: I have the R3 Peacock, but haven’t even touched it yet. Because what I really wanted was Desko Color.

Now that it’s a kit, I could just slot it into Peacock, but it would be incongruous.

So to get a clean Desko Color build, I’d have to get a blank ANSI alphas + mods kits, and slot Desko Color in. Either that, or put them in a full Desko Black scheme…


These look rad.

If it’s not too much trouble, would mind giving a bit of background on what the CRP set is about and what makes it appealing cf. other PBT sets? If it’s a lot of information, then I’ll just look it up later; I was just curious since I’ve seen folks mention CRP and I see it from time to time, but I haven’t heard much about it.


I heard many good things about CRP keycaps, could someone more educated than me explain why they are good ?


I didn’t understand the allure either, but at the time [last year] I had heard ePBT molds were bad, so CRP is the best PBT.

What actually is the case is that CRP has kind of inherited Cherry-style PBT dye-subbing, similar to how GMK inherited Cherry ABS doubleshot production.

The strength of CRP production is two-fold. First of all, they have working on having straight modifiers and spacebar. Especially spacebar. They weren’t all there at first, but the R3 spacebars are said to be really good. So if you want straight PBT spacebar, CRP is where you make a beeline to.

Second, they have been working on getting crisp dye-sub. Again, they weren’t all there at first, and its taken a number of revisions, but they are one of the leading dye-subbers and may be even better this round.

For a while, ePBT molds weren’t that great, so CRP was surpassing them in straightness and maybe dye-sub. ePBT has improved recently, but CRP could further improve.

So they’re #1 for vintage-style Cherry-profile dye-sub PBT, especially in terms of spacebars.

They offer some unique sets modeled after some beloved classics, I’m not familiar with them, but some of them look cool.


Thank you for the information!

So it looks to be a good idea to have at least one CRP set in my collection :wink:


I figure I could integrate a Desko Color kit into my existing CRP Tulip base kit - the modifiers are almost the same, so I would need Desko Color + regular alphas, and that would give a complete set.

Here’s a proxy for us Canadians that don’t want to go through Drop! Been hearing a lot of good things about CRP and the price for the kits seems pretty reasonable! Really liking the feel of PBT caps so far.


Finally! I’d better start ordering.

Ditto, thanks for laying all that out! That’s such a neat pedigree. Like Rico said, I might have to cop one, if only for the quality and history :slight_smile:

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The resale prices of CRP are insane, so it’s good to get them while they’re in GB.

Looks like, with the kitting, these could be versatile sets over time, as well.

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oh yeah that one is for sure
I have CRP Green Hebrew and have had someone offer upwards of $250 for it once or twice and I consistently get offers around $200-$225.
I love the caps to death, but I am not sure if I would pay even that much for them, even if they have almost all board layouts covered.


Oh god, tulip here I come. Thanks for the heads up.

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I have a question on Tulip keycaps.
They look to be a cross of English ISO and Azerty ISO (French) layout.
Is there any support to this layout on our known OSes like Linux and Windows, or is it more a cosmetic thing for people that touch type ?

Asking that because I like them, but I must confess my SO and my daughters may have a hard time to adapt to yet another layout other than AZERTY :wink:

I think it’s all cosmetic, for touch typers like you said.

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I have the Peacock Alphas, and from my understanding, you just lay them out in the rows as they are pictured. The labels will be from that keycap set, but the actual keys will be from your keyboard, of course.

On Peacock, the US ANSI equivalents for the ‘misplaced’ Z and Y keys are visible in blue - so the alternate letters, at least, are where they are ‘supposed’ to be on an ANSI board.

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Thank you for your answers!

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If there are any EU buyers, got your back :muscle:


Yesss, thank you @philipp :slight_smile:

Why no ISO, it’s racist :sweat_smile:


There is basic ISO support, both for HAD set and mod kits :wink: