Cubic Life


I really enjoy the look and feel of the Cubic profile. Relatively lower price range is very nice too. I’d not have gotten so many otherwise.

As I’ve written before elsewhere, Cubic profile has four problems:

  1. Modifier legends suck. They need to be replaced with symbols.
  2. Keycaps being thin makes large keycaps like spacebar feel flimsy. I had to fill them with Sorbothane to make them feel more solid.
  3. Standard Cubic keyset doesn’t cover a lot of layout variants. Jukebox is the only set I have that I can fully cover HHKB layout. This needs to change.
  4. Most of the Cubic colorways suck, forcing me to mix and match. It’d be better if they sold alphas and modifiers separately.

I think I have enough Cubic keysets so I’m moving on to collecting others.

I do like Cherry profile but GMK isn’t it because I don’t enjoy their ‘wet plastic’ feel. I’ve joined JTK Hyperfuse to see if their plastic feels better.

SA isn’t it either because I don’t find them comfortable enough to be worth the cost and waiting time. As to DSA, XDA, and MIX profiles, I didn’t find them attractive nor comfortable.

I did enjoy the prototype of NovelKeys’ upcoming keycap profile so that’s something to look forward to. It felt just right where MT3 felt just wrong. Same meetup, two conclusions.