Cubic Profile


If you’ve never tried them, they are not paper thin or anything. They are about the same thickness as normal tai hoa sets. Thicker in some spots. However, they are incredibly rigid/strong for their thickness.


The thing I like most about Cubic is the texture. It’s kind of soft and comforting. Theres definitely inconsistencies, but nothing that was a deal breaker for $30. All the legends on my Aquamarine set were incredibly sharp.

I have no idea who is designing the colorways, but they have really odd choices. I bet Hyperfuse would sell an insane amount (though I also want it and am surprised literally 0 Chinese versions exist). Hiragana sublegend are also popular. Hiraganafuse?


Tai-Hao ABS Doubleshot OEM profile’s top surface actually feels softer than Cubic but overall feels cheap and flimsy. Cubic’s top surface OTOH is fine textured and provides solid feel.

I also like how it feels when worn smooth, perhaps because it’s top surface is bigger and less curved than Cherry profile, recreating buttery POM feel without worn Cherry’s huggy wet feel.


While I’m happy with Cubic alpha legends, I think modifier legends needs to be symbolic. Tab, Shift and Enter legends are fine but Backspace, Caps Lock, Ctrl, Alt, and Win legends are not and detracts from what is otherwise a great profile.


From what Ive seen over the years nearly all tai hao colorways that arent a direct rip-off of a popular GMK or SA set have been inexplicably bad.


Of all the profiles I’ve tried, I still haven’t owned this one and actually used it aside from a few seconds at a time at meetups. One of these days I’ll get a Cubic set :thinking: