Cubic Profile

What do you guys think about cubic profile?

I actually like it a lot on linear switches. I wish the colorways didn’t look like someone was tripping on acid when they designed them. I have the plain gray and beige set. It’s really nice for the price

Its a great profile with ridiculous colorways right now. Tai Hao asked me last time I visited them to please design some normal colorways for them to make - so if anyone is interested, definitely let me know!


I have the Jukebox Cubic that dropped on massdrop a while back. I’m really enjoying the profile. Would enjoy additional colorway for sure.


I have the Cubic Concrete set, which I got from r/mechmarket. The texture is nice and the legends are crisp. I’d be down to sell it for like $25 if someone were interested!

I am interested to see more basic 2-color ways available at a low price point: an all black on white set and an all white on black set, for example. I think those would sell well.

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Please tell them to make the Focus/Northgate colorway! The closest match to the gray mods is the alpha color they use on SKU#C01GY202. I bought some to check it out, even. It’s important because their blue color is pretty dark and the darker gray doesn’t let it pop like the red and green. I’m assuming they don’t want to make custom colors or legends like TURBO, Macro, or giant *, or maybe even do some colored front printing like the originals have on SysRq and Break, but it would still make a bangin’ colorway. In my head they call it Heritage.

Make my half-baked IC come true :pray:


Great profile. I have the MK exclusive Midnight Dawn colorway and it’s sharp af. Recommended.

Let’s do a keyset


What about SNES theme? Or is oco going to run it soon?

EDIT – yep, they are. Nvrmind

Maybe jazz solo cup then? :slight_smile:

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Maybe @MiTo can give his blessing for a Cubic Godspeed colorway? :grimacing:

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That might be cool. I think there has to be a theme that sits well with the angular profile of these keycaps.

Maybe Cubic Minecraft?


That looks pretty nice :open_mouth:

I’m really not that much of a fan of Cubic. I picked up Cubic Jukebox about the 3rd time it was on MD since I really enjoy the Jukebox colorway. My complaints are as follows:

  • Sharper edges - edges of the top surface have a much pointier corner than GMK does and I found it less than comfortable when I tend to fatfinger keys.

  • Legend quality - this is a pretty big one. Along with pretty severe consistency and thickness issues across the legends, there’s the fact that the legends/typeface/font seemed to differ so heavily across key “groups” in a way that just didn’t look like they worked together.

  • Compatibility - layout compatibility with the set felt underwhelming at best. Not only would you have to buy another kit if you wanted some pretty basic stuff, there’s just the fact that support for layouts such as 65/75/1800 was just nonexistent. Included in this is how much it actually cost to get more than just very basic compat. ~$100 for kits to fit my 96key plus novelties, more than I really wanted to pay for what I got and way more than I’d ever want to pay again for caps of this quality.

  • Cap quality/consistency - along with legend consistency, consistency across the caps in the form of thickness was amusingly absent. I actually made a spreadsheet of keys as I put them on a board and it was amazing how much caps in the same row could differ, or even how much a single cap could differ on its measurements. I guess thickness really doesn’t affect the usage of the set that much, but it’s something that’s brought up a lot.

There’s also the fact that these caps were very tight on my Box Jades, which we now know they’re part of the issue, but tighter than any other caps I’d used and tight enough to possibly cause issues.

So alltogether, the only way I’d consider buying another Cubic set is if they fixed the legend issues, created better compatibility perhaps including a GMK-style base kit, and offered sets with better colorways than their “stock” selection, all for price more reasonable than Jukebox had to be had at.

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The single character alphas are one font weight. The modifiers and dual character alphas are another. The only outlier I see is the the apostrophe/quotation mark and semicolon.

The hard thing to overlook for me is I can get a full TKL set for $39 shipped. Yes, they could be improved a bit. But if they go over the $50 mark, I would probably not buy a set.


Agreed on all these. Also they’d feel better to use if they were a little thicker and heavier; the fact that they’re so big but also thin and light is kind of jarring. But “thick ABS” and “Tai-Hao” don’t really go together from what I can tell.

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Correct me if I’m wrong but is Cubic profile just a wider and blocky version of OEM profile?

It is,essentially. But it’s like the difference between xda and DSA. Small changes make a significant difference in feel.

Received my Cubic Jukebox set from today. Other than missing Novelty Set they forgot to ship, I was surprised how pleasant the alphas color looked although Mint mod color was tad over saturated. I was happy with Cubic Concrete before but this one definitely tops it. Highly recommended despite the higher price tag compared to other Cubic keysets.

Personally, Cubic is my favorite profile for tactile switches because it doesn’t muffle the feel and sounds really good when used with brass plate. Just ignore the fact that it’s ABS and not thick.

Cubic Wishlist:

  • Cubic Hyperfuse
  • Cubic Dolch
  • Cubic BoW
  • Cubic WoB
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Yes, there is something about the thinner/lighter keycap that makes the switches really shine. The only thing I can think to compare it to is car. If you put too much cushion in the suspension, you don’t feel the connection to the road. Just like if your caps are too thick, you can’t quite feel what’s going on inside the switch.

I put some cubic on an old red switch board. I was amazed by how much I liked it. I thought, “wow, I really underestimated reds. I should use this board more.” A few days later I put some thick PBT caps on the same board. I thought, “these reds are so nice that I will put some nice caps on them.”

Guess what? The switches felt pretty boring.

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That is an excellent point, pixelpusher. Well said.

Horses for courses.

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