Curious - any PCBs out there for an old PCjr keyboard case?


I have an IBM PCjr keyboard (the one with normal keys). I’m wondering if anyone has made a custom PCB for mechanical switches that fits the case? I tried google but only found numerous ppl trying to decode/convert the keyboard for usb/modern pc use. I like the size and the look and thought a custom PCB for mech snap-in mech switches + a decent weight/plate and it could be a neat little keyboard once again.

  • John


Not that I am aware of. There are people hanging around here who you could hire to design one. The CA66 keyboard was inspired by that board.;topicseen


Thanks Pixelpusher. Looks like it might be time for me to learn to design my own PCB. I’ve been meaning to learn how to anyway.


Let me know when you end up ordering prototypes; PCjr is a terrible keyboard :stuck_out_tongue: