Current state of 75% customs

Hi there,

So I’ve been out of the loop for a few years and decided it’s time to buy myself a decent board. Could anyone point me to some interesting 75% boards? I don’t really care whether it’s in-stock, GB or just IC, I’m just trying to look around and get a grasp on current options and prices.

I would personally prefer simpler minimalist designs, but in the end anything will do.

Some in-stock options that I know of:

I own the Obliterated 75. It’s a pretty good board, but it’s fairly light. I bet they’ll have a V2 version soon.

Tomo extras are still in stock on these sites:

This one is more exotic:

lots of budget options out there like Keychron and Epomaker.

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So far I’ve been able to find Sonnet (though I don’t know what kind of mount that is and how it compares to others):

or Aella:

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HMKB Group buy was a long mess (mostly b/c the runner took on too much and overpromised on timelines), but there are extras available. Says they will ship in March. I wouldn’t hold my breath though. :stuck_out_tongue:

It is a nice board, however. I like mine a lot.

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Tomo & Sonnet are two nicer ones that I’ve been eyeing!

I really like the Aella with the exception of the fact that the F-Row isn’t vertically separated from the num-row. Otherwise, it’s a very pretty board.

One opportunity that it presents (at least in my addled brain) is to use a fully 5 row sculpted keycap set (a la R0 GMK or MT3) to really show off the sculpt from when looking at the board in profile.

(I can also see the WKL only layout being a turn off for people).

Reviving an old post here but curious if there were any other suggestions now in August as I’m in the same boat looking for a 75% and been a bit disconnected from the hobby the last year or so. I’ve had my eye on the obliterated75 and the sonnet as well even now!

I really love the Sonnet, I have two of them; both solder builds with different layouts.

The Akko acr 75 is pretty nice

MKC75 seems like a good value

Using a Tomo right now and it’s been absolutely delightful.

I think Mode absolutely nailed it with the Sonnet in the 75% space. The customization is unmatched, and it’s the only keyboard I’ve ever considered getting multiple of.

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Sonnet currently dominates that segment, by quite a margin. The quality of materials, customization, and attention to detail is unmatched. Also got 2 of them with different setups. Absolutely amazing.