Cursed Keyboard Layouts

I promised you guys cursed layouts and I plan to deliver. Presenting the one and only Pangram layout, using only real words arranged somewhat sensibly and based on commonly typed characters.

Inb4 cwm is not a word

This list will be added to over time as the inner machinations of my mind grow ever darker in my search of the perfect shitpost.


You’re not thinking ergonomic enough, my friend.

I, for one, don’t use modifiers all that often, so it makes more sense to have them all lined up in a little row! Since A is the most common vowel, I decided to put that on my least used finger so I work it out more - I’m looking to deadlift 20lb with my pinky only.

But I stayed conservative, making sure that the numbers are the same. I mean, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel here.


This post hurts my soul


The E on spacebar really strikes me here as the most off-putting thing about this layout. I’m concerned.

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Do you use a 7u or a 6.25u E-bar?