Custom Iris plates: Kerf settings for


Hi there,

I plan to get custom switch plates for the lovely Iris board and decided to use laserboost. However, I am unsure about the kerf settings. It is stated on keebio that the kerf of the files in the current git repo is 0.15 mm, but laserboost wants it to be zero. From what I understand (I have no experience in CAD…) the plate dimensions in the files include additional margins to account for the laser cutting process, right? I imagine this poses a problem e.g., for the screw hole or when the custom plate is used with in-stock items (e.g. middle layers). Did someone use the git files for lasercutting at laserboost before or is kind enough to provide files with zero kerf?

Any help is highly appreciated! Thanks a lot in advance.



@LaserBoost do you have any thoughts on this?


We finally find the files you need! Check your email :wink:


Check the build log -


Wow, thanks a lot for the quick reply and the files. Great service!