Custom plate dimensions - Help

Hello, I am new to the custom keyboard community.

A week ago, I decided to make my own keyboard from raw materials (custom plate, hand wiring, etc).

So, I designed the front aluminium plate on Illustrator based on the model Preonic GRID from

Since I modified it to fit my needs, I am concerned about a few things. My questions are:

  • Are the dimensions are correct for Cherry MX switches? (14mm switches holes, 5mm spacing, etc).

  • Are the 6 crew holes well positioned? Since I will not use a pre-made PCB, I am affraid that screws in the middle of the layout (like on the Preonic GRID) would make the hand wiring more difficult. I would like the bezels to be similar to this

  • Are the screw holes the right size? Which screws should I be using (I would like the srews to go though the 3 plates - front plate, wood, back plate). If you got a better solution, tell me.

I am looking forward getting help on it. Thank you.

If you based your measurements off the laserboost designs, it should be good to go since I believe those have been verified :+1:

Caveat: I’m no expert so it would be helpful if someone more experienced could verify my thoughts.

If you’re planning on using a 2U spacebar, you should add in stabilizer holes (similar to the preonic MIT plate that’s listed next to the GRID)

As for the screw hole positioning, I imagine not having anything in the middle of the board will cause some flex while you’re typing unless you’re planning on using a thick plate. As long as you keep them at the switch corners instead of directly between switches there shouldn’t be any issue with hand wiring, e.g.

Thank you both for helping.

I already sent the plate to laserboost and they are being printed now.

Thus, I haven’t thought about the flex when typing - and the stabilizer holes. The plates are 1.5mm thick. If it happens, I will simply add a something in the center of the keyboard bewteen the 2 plates. For the stabilizer, I’m thinking about building it myself from old keyboard parts.

Thank you again.