Custom plate for Zeal 60 or DZ60RGB

Hey all, I was wondering if anyone has a 3D file for the Zeal60 or the DZ60RGB as I would like to get a custom plate made, but I am not too sure how to go about the design of the plate. Thank you!

Lots of ways to go about it. Both pcbs use a standard 60% plate. You need to decide on things like split or non split right shift and backspace (or pick a universal layout, but that doesn’t look as nice)

If you really want to start from scratch and reinvent the wheel, go here

If you want something nice and easy, go here:

Laserboost has the plate already designed. You can choose to order one there or just download the .dfx file and use that somewhere else.

Hey, thank you for your response! I’m glad to hear they are both standard 60% boards, so does that mean I can just order the plate that you linked in your post for the GH60?

I haven’t looked at the differences between the split keys just yet :slight_smile:

Yes that plate I linked will work. You can also use the standard plates available on sites like KBDfans