Custom plate service on AliExpress?

Unfortunately, SendCutSend informed me that they cannot cut a polycarbonate plate in the required thickness, only metal.

I would be willing to go with POM, but I don’t know of any equivalent services. I may just have to get an FR4 plate cut, as there are some vendors that do that.

Update: I’ve been trying to get a new Polycarb plate created for the HMKB that doesn’t have the flex cuts that are in the metal plate.

It’s been hard to find a service that will do this.

But I do have an existing polycarbonate plate for the HMKB that includes the flex cuts. Would it be possible, maybe, to “rehabilitate” this plate by somehow filling in or reinforcing a particular area? The flex cut above the arrow key cluster is said to be the most risky, so if that could be addressed, I might be able to use the plate.

Maybe bondo? To be honest probably easier to just put setting underneath like foam to shore up that area.

Ponoko will make a plate out of pom/derlin but will be sort of expensive add $15 to their quick quote

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Thanks, I will look into both of these ideas.