Custom POM Plates - 415keys

If you happen to be in the market for something like this, it looks like 415keys will be offering the service intermittently based on demand and production capacity.

Sam was nice enough to offer me one of these to try, so I’ll let you folks know my impressions once I have the build together. (Thanks again for helping me source a file, guys!) On that note, it looks like there are loads of good choices out there for 60% PCBs with USBC; does anyone have a favorite and if so, why?


if you’re looking for in stock and solderable, the AN-C 60% on cannonkeys is pretty great, preflashed with via, rgb underglow (the only tasteful RGB) with pretty good layout compatability as long as you dont want split space bar.


Like @Dr.Doof said the AN-C v2 from Cannonkeys is a very solid & affordable standard 60% PCB that has a USB-C port on it. Although if you’re not adverse to spending a few more bucks the Wilba WT60-D is my absolute fav standard 60% PCB with a USB-C port. Although TBH unless you are building for flex you can’t go wrong with either IME.


I recently got a POM plate cut from Ponoko. This is about 5 dollars cheaper, excluding shipping. Nice! I might have to pick up a pom plate for my Brutal60.

I have a POM plate in a Klippe and I have really been enjoying. It is quiet with non-silent switches.

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