Custom RGB Lighting Mode

Hello! Is there a way to create your own RGB Lighting mode?

For example I would only like to create a mode which only alternating between 2 colors for 2 sec, then goes breathing mode etc.

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The short answer is “yes”, but the longer answer is:

Yes, if:

  1. Your board runs a firmware that supports this (QMK does, but)
  2. The lighting has been implemented in a fairly standard and modern way for that firmware, and
  3. You’re comfortable writing code, compiling firmware, and flashing firmware

So, for example, in QMK if the board has the RGB Matrix featureset you can write custom lighting effects for a board by following this documentation.

As a note: If I remember correctly, something about VIA adjusts how boards handle lighting, so you may (maybe not?) have to choose between VIA compatibility and custom lighting effects.


Ah yes I will be using DZ60 for the board, and it should support QMK…

I’m actually eager to learn on how to write a code! Is there some tutorials of qmk basic RGB codes?

This will actually be my first custom mechanical keyboard, so I’m up on trying new things