Customization inquiry and recommendations?

Afternoon Keebheads!

As I’m relatively new to this entire mkb customization thing, I’m having a hard time pulling the trigger on any one thing that I could do to customize my board. I am the (recently) proud owner of a Drop Alt after months of agonizing over the research and shopping around, and I’m really enjoying it so far. That said, I’ve entered into the rabbit hole and now I’m convinced that I can improve it.
On the recommendation from a video that I enjoyed (Badseed Techs review of the alt), I opted to purchase some new Cherry Plate Mounts with gold tabs from ZealPC to replace the ones that the board came with. I additionally purchased some Krytox GPL 205 G0 from 1upkeyboards to assist with lubing said stabs.

Now here comes my dilemma. I was listening to some TaehaTypes ASMR (I have an addiction to his videos) and I absolutely fell in love with the sound of the Novelkey Creams. I can’t explain it, but it has this sound that I could listen to for hours. I am considering making the purchase of a few packs from KBDFans since they appear to be sold out on Novelkeys. That said, part of me feels like I should wait. I feel like I’m supposed to give my Cherry MX Browns a chance before I up and replace them after only a few days. Would it be worth lubing the browns first and seeing if I enjoy them better once I do? Or if I’m digging the sound of the Creams as much as I am, is it reasonable to just go pull the trigger on a set and swap them in (I plan to lube the creams once I get them too)?

I’m a total scrub to all this, hence the ask, and I know what I’m asking is a tad subjective. But seeing as I have a lack of experience in most of these areas, I feel like requesting advice from those more experienced than I may result in a more educated decision.

Thanks in advance!


For sure. You’ll be surprised just how different you can make them sound and feel (skate versus creamy) without sacrificing tactility. Science!

Yup. Full stop. Oh, and check out this wiki for a list of community friendly vendors. I’ve seen Creams in-stock in a few places.

You’re in good company!


Thanks a ton for the detailed response!