Cyberboard R2

There’s not much on this page I can read, but it looks like there’s a second round of the Cyberboard coming - and the example in the photos is in RAMA yellow-gold.

This is all I can think about when I see this keyboard:

yes, yes, but mixed with this:

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OH YESSS! Do we know if it is only China?

:joy: hahaha yes!

Please start a keyboard as memes thread.

did they ship R1 yet? I would def wait to get in on R2 until R1 ships for a few reasons:

  • reliability/quality: people haven’t go them in their hands yet, who knows how good it actually is
  • ability to meet schedule: if R1 hasn’t shipped there is no history
  • I hate to say it, but realness: tons of hype, took a ton of orders, take R2 before R1 ever shipped, disappear, lots of sad people
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I could be wrong, but I had the impression that R1 shipped quite a while ago. It was a small run that sold out before most of the videos even published.


oh you’re right, it looks like they did ship them a few weeks ago, although I would hardly call 600 of them a small run. I’m surprised I haven’t really seen any pics of people that have them.

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