Dactyl Manuform Keyboard

Hey all, I make fully assembled hotswappable dactyl manuform keyboards. I’ve been doing this for over a year now, but it’s my first time posting on KeebTalk. Please check it out at taikohub.com. :slight_smile:


  • Pro Micros with USB-C connector
  • Keyboard case 3D printed in PLA plastic
  • DSA profile keycaps
  • Gateron Brown keyswitches
  • Pre-flashed with QMK firmware in QWERTY layout


  • Hotswappable
    • Supports MX Cherry, Gateron and similar switches.
    • Does not support Kailh or low profile switches.
  • Swap microcontrollers
    • Long as it’s got Pro Micro layout, you can swap it in. No soldering required.
    • Wired by default. But supports nice!nanos.
  • Supports QMK and ZMK firmware
    • Documentation update with ZMK is on the way.


  • TRS cable
  • USB-C cable
  • Plastic tents
  • 3M Rubber feet