Daisy Flashing Software?

Hi Keeb Friends -

Good afternoon and happy Saturday. I hope you are well.

I recently purchased an HHKB-style Daisy Keyboard. While I am enjoying the form factor, I really want to reprogram the board to my preferred layout.

There’s just one problem: the instructions from KPRepublic are hot garbage. The only reasonably useful guide I could find was this video; while the website the presenter recommends allowed me to create a hex file for my board, the bootloader keeps crashing before I can flash my desired layout.

So, here’s my ask: does anyone have 1) better / clearer instructions for flashing the board, or 2) a bootloader that will work with the Daisy? I’d really appreciate it.

Thanks, everyone! I look forward to hearing back from you soon.

daisy is on qmk firmware if you wanna use that

Wait, it is? I thought not all versions of the Daisy were compatible with it?

the readme says it supports rev1 and 2, idk how many revs there are for the daisy overall tho

It’s weird; when I connect my Daisy in bootloader mode, it is not recognized by QMK. The same is true when I connect my board regularly, too. I am guessing QMK is working properly because it recognizes my Preonic immediately.

Any tips?

I used Keyboard layout editor for the keymapping, then flashed the keeb with TMK Keymap generator.
Also, I needed the Chrome extension TKG App in order to burn .epp file

Works perfectly! :+1:

Thank you for the insight; I appreciate it.

With that being said, I am still having two major problems:

  1. I am having no luck with KLE, and as such, any .json I put into TMK gives me loads of errors (or at least the .json I made with QMK is no help).
  2. Likely as a function of issue 1, I am not having any luck flashing with TMK, even with the TKG chrome extension installed.

The good news is that TMK is recognizing my board in bootloader mode, it just can’t seem to do anything with it.

I know this is a lot, but any other suggestions are still appreciated…

What kind of errors? Warning!?

did you connect the keeb while pressing ESC in order to be in the bootloader mod (HID)?

Typically I get a message that says, “ERROR: General, invalid raw data”

Yes, and it was showing up in my OS and on the website as being in bootloader mode.

so there is an issue with your layout from KLE website.
Can you share your layout?

Here is the layout I created using QMK. This is straight from the .json file.


RAW Data should look like this:


You could try to start from this keymap.
Keep in mind that you can duplicate the entire keeb so you can have different layers.

After that, you’ll just have to paste the URL (after saving your new keymap) into the TMK Keymap generator (Layer mode: All-in-one) Composite Layer field.

I’ve tried that a few times to no avail. I know it isn’t working since one of my main goals is to switch the enter and space bar key (which I have yet to make work).

For reference, this is the new layer I am trying to flash.