Damn Fine Keyboards - a community "magazine" (kind of)


I hope it is the right category - but it is kind of community-project :smile:

I start the “DAMN FINE KEYBOARDS” Magazine.
It should be a base for ideas and (of course) photos from keyboards.
Check it out and maybe you want to be part:

Have fun!


wrong link - fixed it. :person_facepalming:

At the moment it just looks like Reddit in a PDF. Do you plan to make it more substantial in the future or will it be like a curated gallery?

Yes at the moment it just contain photos. First: I follow a lot of subreddits and miss a lot of photos so the DFK collect them. Second: yes the DFK is a base for other stuff. I already got an article for the second issue.

It‘s the first issue and it need time to grow :wink:

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