Danish guy has trouble finding ISO layout PCB

Hi, I’m new to this whole custom keyboard thing and as a guy from Denmark, I’m finding it hard to figure out what parts to use, since I need ISO layout. ISO-DE is pretty much the same, except the legends are different on a few keys. So that would work.

I’m hoping you can point me in the direction of either 65% or 75% PCBs and nice cases I could look in to.
And maybe the best place to find Danish ISO layouts (ISO-DE works too). If possible a hotswap version would be neat, 'cause I don’t have soldering gear at the moment.

Thanks in advance!

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The ISO layout for UK, DE, DK, SE & so forth is the same layout. So if you buy a ISO keyboard with UK keycaps and type on a computer with a danish layout enabled in the operating system, it will be like typing on any danish keyboard. I hope that makes sense?

One kit that might answer your question is this: https://kbdfans.com/products/tada68-mechanical-keyboard-65-iso-layout?_pos=2&_sid=572c5488a&_ss=r

Then, it’s just a matter of finding keycaps that fit the layout. In most group buys the kit for germans and scandinavians is called NorDe, and contains the necessary keycaps.

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I bought one of these recently: https://candykeys.com/product/mf87-pro-black-uk

It’s in a ISO-UK layout, but that only means that the keycaps have that layout, so I replaced these keycaps with something nicer (SA Vilebloom) and that was that. It’s now a Swedish keyboard.

The MF87 is a really nice keyboard btw.

Have it too, nice keyboard, i just change the caps by an old set from à G81 in ISO Be :blush:


Thanks! This might be a great option for me. Do you know if it is possible to harvest the pcb and put it in another case?

Thanks! Do you know if it is possible to harvest the pcb and put it in another case?

Not sure. It’s not like 60% where there is a defacto standard for mounting holes etc.