Data Collection: Mechanical Switch Recipes


So while considering some options for some upcoming projects of mine, I’ve been scouring around for various switch recipes and have had trouble coming up with a central place to find a ‘cook book’ if you wish. Thus, I’m volunteering to help but one together.

I’ve started a simple Google Sheet with a form to collect the various modified switch types into one place and will then in turn share that back here with the community and try to keep up with it as new combinations are discovered.

Willing to help? Great. Hit the link below and submit your recipes, but before you do… take a quick peek at the responses and make sure yours isn’t already submitted.

Current Submissions:

Entry Form


Cool idea for a topic. Went ahead and added the Holy Chickies / True Blue / Clearly Blue or whatever people end up calling the things.


Community data collection is great, as long as it doesn’t get spammed and is well moderated.


Perfect. Thanks for your submissions.

Your point on spam is well taken. I’m watching and will adjust if we have shenanigans. :slight_smile:


Awesome thanks!


Heh, sorry if you felt slighted. Literally just started digging through posts and entering what I found. Have no idea who should be credited. Will change it though.


Do you happen to have a typing video of that board? Looks really nice.


Thank you for starting this! I was just commenting in Discord how I’m lost with how many hybrid switches are being created these days. Would be great to make sure names are standardized too. I’ll chip in where I can.


Great! Glad it’ll be useful. I’ll convert it over to a more public facing table this weekend.

Thanks for offering to contribute and feel free to give any feedback that would make it more useful to you.


Someone on my Reddit thread pointed out a similar effort as well found here: