DaVinci Resolve Editing Keyboards




The company is famous for their affordable and nice video capture hardware, we have several of them in the company I work with.

They very well engineered the use of the special keys and knob for their own software, now wil it be of good use for other video editing tools ?

And I LOVE the way you can sunk your keyboard in your desk, it allows for and extreme low height and comfortable typing experience :slight_smile:


I’ve spoken with someone who had access to their $30K full size grading desk/keyboard and it had conventional rubber domes underneath the keycaps. The keycaps themselves were sold for ~$600 as a kit. No idea if GMK was involved :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

They’ve specifically referred to the newer editing keyboards as having “e-sports grade switches” in interviews before. My assumption is that they’re some variety of Cherry/Gateron Reds or Blacks.


I’ve been using DaVinci Resolve to edit my videos for a good year, I don’t need their editing keyboard for it, even though I own one (not for DaVinci). I do like the idea of it though.

However, I think a macropad with a knob and standard keyboard of your choice is a more cost-effective solution, with the biggest downside of having to program and re-legend the macropad keys (if you consider that a downside).


I’m in love with that “Speed Editor” board on the side. Especially with those keycaps with light-windows for the toggle keys. I wish I could just buy blanks of those.

I feel like I would need a homing key for that bottom left cluster though.

… Also
what a knob


This is what I suspect for this model.

It looks of very high quality indeed

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