DC01 Split Modular 60% Keyboard

So David from @mechboards has kindly let me loan the prototype for the DC01 - a split modular 60% board. Whilst I’ve already posted these pics elsewhere I’ve had a few messages on here and Reddit for more info after it was on my stream and Top Clack last night; so I thought it warranted its own post.

It comes with an integrated plate, magnetic connectors, and pogo pins to share power/data. PCBs were designed and manufactured by Yiancar as well.

GB is set to be late 2018, and this working proto will be at the MKUK Meetup in Birmingham on Saturday.

If you have any questions, feedback, or other comments, please do let David and I know :slight_smile:



This looks awesome… Any chance it can be made with Bluetooth/Wireless?

I’ll mention it to mechboards :slight_smile:

Typing sounds of the DC01

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Is this really working or are you pretending for the demo. It looks amazing. Your typing style is strange :stuck_out_tongue:

No it fully works, i demod it on one of my streams as fully working. It’s a great bit of kit. Being a proto it needs some revisions but I know the mechboards guys are on that already :smiley:

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