DCS Delftware (a PBT Dye Sub set from SP)

I hadn’t seen this one until recently but I think it’s a pretty intriguing GB. Visually I like it even if I don’t exactly love it. It’s a cool concept and I am familiar with the inspiration at least vaguely.

I thought it was made more interesting though because of the fast turn-around (Q3) as well as the fact that @norbauer has stated before that he feels SP’s dye sub is top class.

can you imagine the possibilities though? Norbauer & Co running an NK65 style Heavy Grail with a special Delft K2 coating and keycaps included :wink:

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I like this set a lot. I’ve visited Delft and have a couple of pieces from that visit. My only concern is that all the sublegends make the keyboard look a little busy in the renders in a way that I don’t feel is the case with sublegends from other alphabets do, e.g. hiragana.

Also, even though it says it supports “some orthos” I’m not sure it quite pulls that off. No 1U Enter is the biggest thing missing, but considering it’s a sculpted set, at best it’s very limited in how you can configure an ortho board. (The novelties help, but those shouldn’t be required.)

But overall, I really like the aesthetics and the design. I’m not sure if I’m going to take the plunge on this one, but it’s a nice set nonetheless.

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Yeah, it’s a bit on the expensive side as well @ $140 for the base but I figure that makes sense with all of the custom dye-subbing. I’m holding off for now but I think I’ll probably join before the end of the month. Just having a PBT DCS set is a pretty cool addition to a collection I think

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This gives me pause:

“Renders are done with Cherry profile caps, with a similar but not identical font. Font during production will be Gorton as used for DCS Red Alert and DCS Yuri.”

How hard is it to make renders with the correct font?

I did like the production samples:

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Yeah, it’s up there price-wise, but for the number of keys in the base set as well as the custom sublegends, that about what I would expect for the set from SP. Still undecided, but I could see myself joining before the end of the month. Q3 2021 delivery is certainly a plus as well.

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I have no idea how renders are made but I was thinking that maybe the folks who do the renders don’t have Gorton Modified legends in the “smaller, corner” size so they use GMK legends instead. If I understand correctly the GB was originally targeting GMK so the runner might not have wanted to pay for a second set of renders after getting them done in GMK.

You’re right though, those samples look really good. I missed those until you posted them.

edit: reading through the GH again, I’m way wrong on my assumption about them using GMK legends. It appears that the others are right and they’re using an approximation of Gorton Modified legends. Sorry for the misinfo

I’ve looked for Gorton font files out there, and I’ve never found them iirc. I assume SP keeps those to themselves, so it didn’t surprise me that they used a different typeface in the renders (and good on them for mentioning it).

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Actually a little bit difficult, as SP fully owns (and does not freely provide) the typeface (a modified Gorton) used. There are reasonable approximations, but overall the tools to render accurate GMK Cherry-profile keycaps with real legends are much more available than tools to render accurate versions of SP’s keycaps.

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If anyone was on the fence about this set the GB runner posted some new sample pics on Geekhack. The dye subbing looks really nice.

you even get a little peek at a Noxary Evija in that comment which I’d never seen before.