DCX Hyperfuse at Drop

Drop releases DCX in Hyperfuse colorway. Seems to be a copy of the Hyperfuse Origins color and not the OG. I think that’s a good decision since Origins is a more cohesive color scheme.

Interested to know about permissions and such. I’m personally more excited about DCS (including alps) version “superweld.”


I’d originally posted this in the heads up thread, but this seemed more relevant;

@pixelpusher check out the first (only at the moment) post in the discussion section; Hoffman mentions they’re working with the original GB peeps on something cool - details below also. :3

DCX Hyperfuse is out…

and it also looks like it features the updated “Shift” legend that was mentioned in the future goals section of the DCX Cyber post. Noice!

I honestly didn’t mind the old one, but I do think this is better. Heck yeah for actually investing time and energy into improving DCX. :+1:

Color: If the colors look a little different from the GMK set, it’s because they are - these colors are supposed to match those used for the original Signature Plastics runs as opposed to the stock GMK colors used on that one. Aside from that, this one is visually distinct from the GMK set thanks to DCX’s slimmer typeface. For me personally it doesn’t quite have the same visual impact, but I’m delighted to see the colorway getting a revival, and I can attest that DCX caps are quite good.

General radness: Drop is going above and beyond with this release, working with the original GB runners for the GMK set to give free copies of DCX Hyperfuse to those who never received the GMK set they bought-into ages ago - even though Drop had nothing to do with that.

IDK, it kinda seems like Hoffman is doing an awesome job helping Drop earn goodwill - I really like the way he’s been going about stuff. High-fives for him, and more gold stars for Drop.


Im glad they’re updating the shift legends because to me it looked like shif t (with the t by itself just looking like a cross but thats just the font lol). Im actually kinda excited now to see what else they do with DCX and hopefully they do more than just remake their current sets in a new profile

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Hehe, they managed to get a not so subtle dig in on Signature Plastics…


Can anyone comment on feels/sound for DCX compared to

Artifact Bloom (PBT I believe)

Is it smooth on top or does it have texture?

Also before I get flamed bc these are all different (ABS vs PBT), I spend most of my time on Topre so I have not a whole lot of MX stuff to refer to.

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I feel like if anyone shouldn’t be throwing stones, it’s probably Drop.

They felt equivalent to GMK in sound and feel when I tried them at the NorCal meetup.


Here’s a quick comparison on my desk between GMK, DCX, NK_ PBT Cherry, and DCS:


this is amazing thank you so much. it supports @sarvopari’s statement of sounding much like GMK. NK PBT Cherry has a sound I like–I have Taro and I like that on a MX-converted Realforce R2.

It also looks like there’s enough texture on the DCS…Laser? set? purple teal?

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Cyber is the colorway for those purple keys - same guy that designed Laser.

Up close the font doesn’t really look that much thinner, does it? Still seems like the legends on DCX Hyperfuse don’t pop quite as much as the GMK ones - I suppose it’s hard to say when they aren’t side by side. It also may have something to do with brighter / darker plastics and light and stuff.




Yeah, the font definitely looks anemic on the DCX hyperfuse. Maybe that’s a render?


just adding an update from my end -
I picked up this set a while ago and the legends look thinner than gmk’s. just feels like un-bolded text, but otherwise it’s fine.


I’m very happy with the quality, colors, general look, and sound of my set, but the legends on GMK are superior, IMO. They’re good on DCX, but they appear distinct, while on the GMK set I have they blend completely into the key surface. Glad they fixed the old Shift kerning, as I can’t unsee it on my BoW set, though that was free on BOGO. Not sure about the legend weight comparison because this plays a part in it, for me.

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