DCX Latte

So, what do you think about the new DCX Latte Colorway released today?

I’m a fan of brown. I like my GMK Cafe set just “kinda.” The dark brown is super dark and the creamy alphas have a more dull gray tint than creamy. I usually prefer to use the all brown alphas on my GMK set.

I think this DCX looks pretty good. However, the alphas still don’t look creamy to me. They look nice in the render, but in the product photos they look much more pinkish-tan.

If someone gets the set, post your photos!


The alphas do look a bit too tan, and the mods look a bit too dull for me.

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Hard to say because the photography is probably not going to 100% represent what you see IRL, but yeah… those mods look kinda dull, almost like cheap milk chocolate to me.

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i actually wish they made it as tan brown as the cats on the deskmat. i’d love to go in on a brown set (like if Novelkeys actually fixes Copper mod Esc) but I forget if it was you or Deadeye who posted Melgeek’s Horseman alt set. I’d love that kind of saturated brown’s brown except for the funky legend font.

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