Decent speed on topre?

Managed to get up to 140 wpm on my lubed and silenced fc660c with bke ultra lights.


Jesus man, you’d give @TaehaTypes a run for his money! Crazy typing skills! :metal:


Haha ty working on it I think his best is like 157 or something crazy like that, maybe some day.

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I’m not that fast :stuck_out_tongue:


with bkes that board sounds like Sonic the Hedgehog running up a mudslide

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:smile: Accurate, even on ultra lights my fingers feel like they’re being abused at this speed.

Once at work, a guy was boasting about how fast I typed. Another guy immediately wanted to challenge me. We hopped on a LAN typeracer.

I was using a HHKB pro 2 at work.

I, for some reason that day, got a 178. Fastest I’ve ever typed.

The other guy go 148.

I think my usual is around 140 when I’m trying hard. I got super lucky. I just said, hey 148 is really good :slight_smile:
I think that was the highlight of my career.